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Legacy Guestbook [May. 23rd, 2013|08:09 pm]
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[User Picture]From: [info]hatake_kakashi
2013-07-08 07:38 am (UTC)

Re: Take Me Back to the Start and Dangerous Game


I’m still loving Minato; he just radiates good vibes, and it reflects so well onto the other characters. Kakashi’s conversations with him are as close to open as you can get with Kakashi, and that’s fascinating to see.

Minato's totally the Ubermensch -- he's one of those people that makes you better just by being around them, which is a joyful and very frustrating quality in a parent-figure. XD You should get to see Kakashi with Rin fairly soon.

Equally interesting is the way Kakashi interacts with Naruto; I’m still trying to fit ‘babysitting’ and ‘Kakashi’ in the same sentence, but it’s working out quite well. Naruto is so very ninja and so very four-years-old.

All credit to Ki for Naruto being a realistic four-year-old. I'm really hoping we'll get to see more of him, actually. The "what if" of Naruto growing up as a normal (ish) kid is one that totally fascinates me.

What Sanda said, about keeping the action but adding the warmth – I definitely agree with that, and I really, really like the directions these threads are going.


Gosh, guys, I’m on the edge of my seat so often with these threads I’m about to fall straight out of my chair. I love that feeling.


What Dark was saying earlier about Kakashi having a less traumatic past really shows when he’s around Ryouma; there’s this little thrill I get every time I see him showing his trust to others; or throwing out little bits of sarcasm that are something closer to playful, rather than scathing.

That's really beautifully described. And excellent, I AM DELIGHTED AGAIN. I'm still finding my way a little with this new, younger version of Kakashi, and because he is younger, he slip-slides a little more than the Fallen Leaves version as he figures himself (and other people out), too. But I'm very glad to hear he's working. :D

And he's an arrogant little bastard, you're right. That'll be coming out more, too.

I had wide eyes, slack jaw, and a little laugh of disbelief during some of his answers


Yet more delight that you're enjoying Kakashi and Ryouma. You're going to have SO MUCH FUN when you get to see the full team, which should be very soon. Looots of banter.

The masks are totally fantabulous; I hope you enjoy the reveal. Ki also did some really magnificent stuff with the oath-taking from Minato's side. Also coming up soon!

Apparently constructive criticism counted as less than extreme respect. Kakashi considered a future filled with bugs.

That’s a favorite line of mine.

Hah! Really? Thanks for picking it out. I love hearing what lines resonate with people, or make them laugh.

ALSO I’m really delighted you guys are enjoying my reviews, aaah! Your replies to my replies make me bounce in my chair with excitement, you have no idea. You’re a wonderful bunch and I love getting to chat about your threads with you <33 Thanks for sharing!

WE LOVE YOUR REVIEWS SO MUCH. Thank you for sharing them. I think there's a bit of a feedback loop going on, between your delighted bouncing and our delighted flailing. XDD Chat to us anytime! <33