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Legacy Guestbook [May. 23rd, 2013|08:09 pm]
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[User Picture]From: [info]hatake_kakashi
2013-07-04 03:27 am (UTC)

Re: Choose Your Blade / Field of Daggers / Run, Rabbit, Run / Gone to Ground


I guess one of the most fun parts about this is how the way that the characters have change affects the way they interact with each other. And this time around I am noticing a lot more sexual fluidity. ;)

Hah! Good catch. You're right -- there is more fluidity happening. Partially, I think, because we've all gotten older as writers and we're less invested in boxes and labels (we are three-quarters of a very queer bunch here, with one token straight lass XD), and partially because we're writing a world with less strict sexual mores than our own, which puts much less pressure on a person to pick straight or gay. Though there is reproductive pressure happening, particularly with the women -- got to keep reinforcing the numbers of wee ninja! This is all world-building we're hopefully going to explore in detail.

And I have run off on a tangent. XD

They also feel a lot younger here? Or much more uncertain, immature and less jaded. I LOVE it. I feel like they have something clearer to strive for.

Excellent! They are younger here, so I'm glad they feel that way, too. It's been a lot of fun to write fresh, excitable versions of these guys, comparative to the fried, exhausted, ready-to-lay-down-and-die guys we had in Leaves. (Not that they weren't delightful, too. >.>) But these guys have energy, and places they want to take it. Lots of possibilities!

Field of Daggers -- glad you enjoyed!

Run, Rabbit, Run -- SO MUCH FUN to write the rookies fleeing like hell, and the veterans enjoying the chase.

I also love the ways that Kakashi and Ryouma can be stupid!

*cackles!* you will very likely see more of that.

Oh, Kakashi. He may be pricklier than a hedgehog, but he does have scruples!

Yes, he does! And they often come out in ways that get him stabbed, so that's nice.

Also, the Yellow Flash. I love that he is in this! I think it really changes the feel and the dynamic of the village, and of course his pupils.

Dude, every time Minato is on screen my heart SHREDS. Ki writes him, and she does an absolutely beautiful job. I've been reduced to incoherent dolphin-noises more than once.

Gone to Ground -- excellent! Ninja should have mystery. :D

Thank you so much for your review! <333