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Legacy Guestbook [May. 23rd, 2013|08:09 pm]
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[User Picture]From: [info]ueno_katsuko
2013-06-16 08:29 pm (UTC)

Re: PART 2: Genma, Raidou, Katsuko


OH MAN I'm so sorry I took so long to reply to this wonderful review. Every time I meant to go write a response, I'd just end up reading the post again and twirling around in glee.

She's totally capable of being all serious shinobi (as they all are!), and that really plays nicely with when she gets more goofy and just Katsuko-ey. <= Thank you! This time around, I'm making Katsuko less prone to silliness. She'll always be a little ridiculous, though.

She's strong and fierce and bloody dangerous - and somehow when another character sees that, that recognition that you agree with is always cool to read. <= I ACTUALLY HAVE NOTHING COHERENT TO SAY TO THIS I'M JUST OVER HERE MAKING HIGH-PITCHED NOISES OF JOY

She's so small and energetic and a bit of a brat when she's cheerful, and it fits really nice with Raidou's onii-chan vibe. And he takes care of her when she's decidedly not okay, and I don't know but it's awfully comforting to read. <= 'Small and energetic and a bit of a brat when she's cheerful' are all so extremely accurate I can't do anything but laugh. As for the sibling-like relationship between her and Raidou-- Katsuko in Leaves was shoehorned in a bit towards the end, so she was always a bit of an outsider. Her friendship with Raidou in Legacy gives her a connection that she sorely needs, and he also acts as a stabilizing influence as well as the older brother she never wanted.

Bits of her past and torture sort of show through the writing, floating out of sight but ever present, always giving you a context and contrast to her cheerful disposition. Always reminding you that she's dangerous, she's holding something dark in her. <= I'm really happy to see that this works! Katsuko as a character is excellent at masking emotions when she doesn't want to deal with them, but I'm doing my best to show the cracks in her composure.

Thank you so much for this review. I'm still beaming as I reread it for the umpteenth time.