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Burning on the Western Front[Jun. 7th, 2013|12:03 am]

The War, its amazing any of them survived with an ounce of sanity (if they do have any). Raidou at 18 has outlived many of his comrades and and put through way to much. and yet he isn't scarred yet.

"Friday is a long, cold-clouded day of waiting, feeling impatience buzz in his ears and itch under his skin, and it's almost a relief when the first set of explosions blow another squad into unarticulated body parts.

Saturday and Sunday — wash, rinse, repeat."

Says so much. Having Minato blow through and the second time with Kakashi - bright spots? War really sucks. At least he gets to meet Rin if even for a moment.

Beautiful back story. Builds Raidou's character the way I love.

Thanks for sharing.
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