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Take Me Back to the Start[Jun. 29th, 2013|11:30 pm]

I am loving Minato and Naruto in Kakashi's life. Such a change from his normal character. Still hard and definitely a killer, but there is a human side to him here. Naruto with a loving father and Kakashi-niisan...Konoha is a better place. Too bad Ryouma was out. It would be fun to see how he handled little Naruto. I am sure I will get the opportunity to witness that. Kakashi has been dealing with Anbu through his Hokage connections, they must know him pretty well by now. I'm curious why Rin didn't stop by to visit Kakashi. I'm sure that mystery will also be answered.

Really loving this place - the story and the characters. You've kept the action and suspense, but added warmth. Thank you guys so much for sharing.
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