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Choose Your Blade / Field of Daggers / Run, Rabbit, Run / Gone to Ground[Jun. 20th, 2013|03:40 pm]

Choose Your Blade

I guess one of the most fun parts about this is how the way that the characters have change affects the way they interact with each other. And this time around I am noticing a lot more sexual fluidity. ;)
I think it is absolutely hilarious the way that Ryouma is willing to call Kakashi out.
They also feel a lot younger here? Or much more uncertain, immature and less jaded. I LOVE it. I feel like they have something clearer to strive for.

Field of Daggers

Oooh, this is fun. And I really like having the characters all on careful degrees of unequal ground, and the closer look into how ninja assessment and hierachy works.

Run, Rabbit, Run

It is so enjoyable to have the two perspectives here: the hunted, and the huntees. :D It adds a very nice dimension to the story, and also I think really fleshes out the tension of the situation. I also love the ways that Kakashi and Ryouma can be stupid! It, again, shows that they are young and are at the beginning of something.

And this:

And a needle in the neck.

From Akiyama.

Who, if Kakashi was lip-reading correctly, used Kakashi’s name.

Oh, Kakashi. He may be pricklier than a hedgehog, but he does have scruples! The entire cave scene is beautifully tense and the action is great.
Also, the Yellow Flash. I love that he is in this! I think it really changes the feel and the dynamic of the village, and of course his pupils.

Gone to Ground

I think this is really cool as a sort of "getting to know you" piece. It doesn't fall into tropey territory and really shows rather than tells, letting characters infer things rather than being told or knowing outright. Keep the mystery alive. :P
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