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PART 1: Kakashi and Ryouma[Jun. 11th, 2013|06:09 pm]
Hello everyone! Leia here again. Gosh, I'm so happy you guys remembered me! :') Also Nezu, congrats on your play - that is beyond cool! Also, so many new threads up, so I'm going to kind of go over everything in one sitting. I also can't post the entirety of my comment in one go, so it's split with Kakashi and Ryouma in one comment, and Katsu, Genma and Raidou in the other!

On Kakashi:
Gosh. Gosh. I just - I want to just bundle him up and squeeze him, (which, okay, I admit, I want to do that all the time) but this! Kakashi-chan, trying so hard to be brave and dignified and so, so sweet and intelligent. It makes my heart ache to just read him and Sakumo, and think that it would be gone, so soon. I really liked seeing this glimpse of a very shinobi-esque childhood in 'Don't Fear the Dark'. In Sakumo and Sadayo you can see Kakashi, and that sort of writing just makes me go kind of gooey.

I've always felt that Kakashi deserved so much more than the hand he was given. And to see him again, new, proud, famous and quite rude in the ANBU trials just sends this rush of pleasure and anticipation.

On Ryouma:
I can't even - Ryouma is just... gorgeous. He might feel the most familiar to me because of how his personality is written feels less different from FL Ryouma, for now.

Cocksure and Punching Kakashi is the Best Thing Ever.Though, this might be my adolescent crush talking. Considering that Kakashi/Ryouma is sort of my OTP, I don't think I contained my squeal when I realised that they were going into meet. Together. In the same thread. Urk. While I am aware that this is a different world from FL and they might not rejoin as lovers, I still am quite excited to read their interactions, romantic or otherwise!

It's also pretty interesting to see him before he's got all his jutsu perfected - its as if he's not as proud of them as he should be. Him talking jutsu to Kakashi was kind of sweet - considering the sort of genius it took for him to create his rot jutsu from scratch, its sorta nice to see it being discussed from one ninjutsu expert to another. It occurs, when reading about the trials, that he really is talented.

He's a bit of a mouthy bastard; I love it. Reading him saved by Kakashi and the rest of the ANBU was like a strange sort of deja vu. It's familiar but so different - and it being in-village and a direct threat of a breach in ANBU is chilling; in FL Konoha always meant safety and home, and to have that put in danger really came across quite starkly to me.

Get Well Soon, Ryouma and Kakashi!
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