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Trials Threads[Jun. 10th, 2013|08:09 pm]

I read these all in one sitting, so my thoughts aren’t completely organized X) forgive any abruptness. I wanted to get my thoughts down while the threads are still fresh in my mind.

I'm gonna take a quick second to fawn over your world-building. I love the idea and execution of the ANBU trials; you guys must have done a lot of planning to get all the little details in (the teams, the hierarchy, the protocol, heck the required first year dorm living), and it makes the whole thing so vivid. I feel like I could stroll down to my local ANBU HQ and sign my name and know what to expect (well, as much as things can be expected in ANBU).

From Here on Out had banter that was to die for. I was in giggles nearly the whole thread, my goodness. All of the exchanges between Katsuko and Raidou were really excellent; not only were they snappy and quick and fun, but you can read the deeper relationship between the two characters through it. So far, Raidou’s making a really great captain, even if he’s still completely new to the idea.

And going along with Raidou settling into being the captain: all of his interactions with Genma were some of my favorites. The way he’d almost forget he was the one getting to lead, or that he Genma would take care of things for him without being asked. They got off to a really great start – though Raidou does seem to have a penchant for inspiring trust into people. :) Plus, their discussions of the other candidates were really interesting. Something that really caught my attention was the fact Raidou got as worried as he did during Kakashi’s jutsu trick. And, on a lighter note, Raidou’s many references to Katsuko. “Ueno Katsuko actually came with a laundry list of standard warnings for the newly introduced…” and “Big chakra, big attitude” had to be my favorites.

Then, Ryouma punched Kakashi and didn’t lose a limb for it. The subtle changes in Kakashi’s character from FL to here is some of the most interesting, to me. He’s still very much Kakashi, but his personality seems a few shades lighter (though still full of depth, I have to say.) The fact he and Ryouma could hold a civil conversation discussing some of the jutsu spoke volumes, to me. I can’t wait to see what his relationship with Ryouma ends up being; they had an interesting start, enough to want to step in and help each other later in the trials, considering Kakashi is “…kind of weird, mostly rude, and scary as hell on the battlefield.” Glad to see he’s still got quite the reputation preceding him – though I suppose Ryouma does too. Seeing Kakashi as a newbie to ANBU is something I’m looking forward to as well.

Once things got going, I don’t think my heart stopped pounding ‘till I’d read through them all. I suppose I should have expected a little chaos, but all the same, I was holding my breath through the trials. Genma and Raidou’s teamwork was flawless (when Genma was radioing back to base, all I could think was “He’s still mother-medic.” And it made me smile a lot.), and I have a feeling we saw 4/5s of a future team on the page there near the end of Run Rabbit Run. But that’s just guesswork. :)

Additionally, I haven’t had any troubles following the POVs. When the action got heavy, I do recall taking a second to reread a sentence to keep myself on track, but nothing jarring. I have to say, the flow between all of your writing is seamless as far as I’m concerned: smooth and unbroken as a quiet creek, and it is a delight to read.

Anyway, thank you all so much for sharing! You’ve got me on the edge of my seat for the next thread <3

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