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Legacy Guestbook [May. 23rd, 2013|08:09 pm]
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Non-players, readers, community watchers, and random passers-by, feel free to leave any comments/questions/suggestions here. We writers would all be delighted to hear what you think of us--and our story!

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From: (Anonymous)
2015-09-11 12:44 pm (UTC)

Thanks for the e-book


Long time lurker here (I loved fallen leaves). Just wanted to say thanks for the e-book. It makes binge reading so much easier. Legacy has such incredible characters. I am so excited to find out more about Kurenai's genjutsu grandma. Again thanks for the e-book.
[User Picture]From: [info]minumi
2015-10-23 01:28 am (UTC)


Omg am I laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate~ to this party, but ain't nothin' or nobody tossing me out now that I finally made it.

You guys just get more and more amazing with each ANBU RP you build. I'm one of your readers from way back since the Scarlet Spiral days. I followed you to Fallen Leaves, but then life got in the way of being able to follow your progress here on Legacy. But I made sure to bookmark this page and keep tabs on your tumblr so when the luxury of time returned, I could sit down and enjoy your new adventures. BOY AM I GLAD I DID!

I just blazed through the first five threads of Yondaime Year 5. I was glued to my phone, I couldn't even break to move to the computer, I just had to keep going it was so good. I love the fresh twist to the cast and this universe. I am so happy there are so many threads already completed. I cannot WAIT to read through and continue learning about these new versions of the characters I've grown to love so much from the previous RP communities.

Someone tie a bib on me, I'm about to BINGE. \(^o^)/
[User Picture]From: [info]minumi
2015-10-23 08:14 pm (UTC)

RE: Take Me Back to the Start


Omg, this thread and everything in it just made me shrivel up into a crinkled ball of shaking GLEE~

The best line:
It was hard to hate yourself when someone else loved you so much that even other people could see it.

//squeals emphatically
From: (Anonymous)
2015-10-29 02:48 am (UTC)

A lot of things, so many things


OKAY, silverstar & I finally compiled our list of comments we wanted to make. A lot of it is on Killing Time Between My Sins, but also other things. We made a bullet point list, here's the first part for 'other things' since it went over the comment word limit :)

- How would you describe Rin and Naruto’s relationship? It’s obvious she’s pretty close to the whole family, like Kakashi. I thought it was interesting how Kakashi is the person who always tells Naruto the truth, but Naruto knows that Rin sometimes lies to him. It was very cute about the counting to three before shots- that also meant he didn't expect Rin to necessarily tell him the truth about where Minato was, etc. He also refuses to tickle her- basically he has a different dynamic with her than either Kakashi or Minato and I’m really curious about it and want to see more. (ALSO. Minato and Rin’s little ‘sensei, sensei’ exchange is amazing)

- Ryouma defending Kakashi in the jounin gym. Babies are getting closer, good job being a teammate, Ryouma-and-killing-intent. I feel like it’s 60% of “MY TEAM, A PLACE TO BELONG, MUST PROTECT”, 45% of his mental Genma & Raidou voices going “boundaries~", and 5% of "he’s my teammate and only I am allowed to heckle him, so if i can’t cross that line, you can’t either"

- That spin off with Kakashi as a puppy, are you sure that isn’t just a cuter version of him when he’s high in the bunker

- Apparently I (kaminoko-x) never read Rest for the Wicked. I discovered this during a reread and horrified silverstar, because it is AMAZINGGGGGG so much hilarious and great team bonding and Ryouma everywhere (in many forms- shirtless, really human and real because emotions/struggling/being reached out to, being all smart with his aural recall). I’m still processing it, I can barely believe I missed reading it for like, 5 rereads

From: (Anonymous)
2015-10-29 02:51 am (UTC)

A lot of things, so many things pt 2


2ND HALF: about Killing Time Between My Sins (mostly)

- … Is Katsuko’s cat the one in the pic she provided for if Kakashi was an animal from character asks, AAHAHAAAHAHAHA. Does Kakashi include animals in the point system? His nindogs have to be winning (except for maybe dog slobber) and he should give points to Katsudon for sheer guts/gumption

- Beautiful, hilarious things include: Kakashi’s dry sense of humour, Kakashi mistaking Katsuko insulting him when she’s talking to the cat, because he is a fluff ball and she’s called him that before, the latest in Katsuko’s names for Kakashi including “delicate peony bud” and “my little ice cream spoon”, the cat (enough said there)

- I just want to wrap Ryouma in a blanket and feed him hot chocolate. Please have good self esteem, be happy, have many hugs (and cuddles from your team).

- I was like ooh many nice details, like Katsuko being confused at Kakashi’s jacket, oh yeah chakra exhaustion is a thing that happens to people. You write Katsuko (and Ryouma and basically everyone) so well I forget she’s an OC and this is all technically fan work (I’m like no, Legacy IS cannon, this is exactly what happened in Naruto, who is Kaguya)

Katsuko needs her own section randomly in the middle because because because:
- We got to see Katsuko perceptive sideeeee. It’s like the cat’s claws thing - she’s SO SHARP, but mostly doesn’t show it with her hardcore avoidance of deep feelings talks.

- Katsuko is an amazing senpai, so amazing

- Katsuko senpai-ing Kakashi: will he explode if i look at him? XD also, after that deep serious biz talk with Kakashi and him thinking about similarities and masks and weapons and coping mechanisms, I feel like Kakashi’s respect for her just really shot up. And we see that she’s the one who helps to reinforces/smooths ruffled feathers about Genma’s assessment and he listens to her. Also, that was well done for senpai-ing, she did it without letting him get offended, instead prompting him to be honest with himself. Also, silverstar and I teach kids for living and we’re always like ‘use your words’ because teaching them communication young is good. Kakashi is… using his words. He is honestly integrating better than I think a lot of people expected, even us in the audience- the cohesiveness of Team 6 has been noted by several characters as really strong for a 1 month old team already. You’re keeping that consistent with Kakashi using words with Katsuko, which makes me go like “YAS GOOD WRITING LURVE YOU”. AND AND AND- Katsuko and Kakashi are really clicking, watching their relationship develop is really cool and interesting and I want them to be friends for life with similar coping mechanisms, epic combat skills, and razor sharp humour.

- Katsuko senpai-ing Ryouma: Okay, so I also just saw this in Rest for the Wicked, where she’s willing to open up if it would help Ryouma. And then you see it again in Killing Time, where she’s concerned about Ryouma feeling left out. AND THEN she teams up with Kakashi to be a support system for Ryouma- she's the upbeat encouragement and he’s the dry but honest poke of concern (a little bit tsundere and with all the sass he can muster, but genuinely concerned, so.). THE TEAMWORK (yay Katsuko and Kakashi relationshippppp). THE SUPPORT. She’s such a good senpai, honestly. And I’m really seeing the officer potential, so much excellent consistency XDDDD

From: (Anonymous)
2015-10-29 02:52 am (UTC)

A lot of things, so many things pt 3


HOw did this get into 3 parts, this was not the plan
That's what happens when you don't review for a long time *sighs*

Back to general stuff about Killing Time:
- We loved how Kakashi + Naruto= Kakashi’s got general kid skills. Amaya is adorbs (A CHILD WHO GREW UP LOVED *CRIES SO MANY TEARS*) and will grow up to be an amazing saleswoman, she’s a crafty little thing and it’s fantastic how they banter around/with her. Still waiting for Katsuko to meet Naruto :D

- … Aomine Hisae. on the topic of name choices, do any of you read Kuroko no Basuke, is that what made you choose ‘Aomine’, because if it is I will die laughing

- AND now I’m curious about Katsuko's brother, has he ever learned Hyoho Niten? Will the team meet him someday??

- Megumi is also funny and I can see her and Katsuko getting along well. Mom is making small pained noises, and now I want to meet franavu


Basically, Killing Time Between My Sins was such a feel good thread, thank you. This was how we got through midterms- the rookies + Katsuko getting emotionally stabilized (mostly) post-mission and during the suspended captain crisis provided all the necessary feels when our brains are breaking bc studying XD

KAMINOKO (& silverstar)
From: (Anonymous)
2015-11-15 09:48 pm (UTC)

ANBU Legacy - for the fin!


Zuulio! Ki! Nezu! DK! GM!

*whistles from across the Atlantic*

Guys, this is outstanding. Simply outstanding. I went wandering the internets tonight, looking for something great to read to take my mind of the madness of the last week and clicking through I just wound up here. And I knew who was writing it without even having to check and just cheered outloud! I had no idea something this awesome was still being materialized from your mighty minds, but why on earth shouldn't it have been?! Just because I fell off the side of the earth *ahem*.

I've had the fun of tackling ANBU_Legacy in the story chronological order and I'm up to 'Short Straw', and I can't stop grinning. Outstanding work, all of you. Breathtaking, heartbreaking and compelling storytelling in every sentence! More coherent thoughts to come but seriously guys, I'm just so happy to see this is here and bringing so much excitement and joy to readers.

Hope you guys are doing okay, too. Been thinking of you all often even if I fell off the side of the planet comms-wise.

With extra mega love,

From: (Anonymous)
2015-11-18 02:25 am (UTC)


Okay, I think I've lurked long enough!
I read Fallen Leaves several years ago, and it simply fell off my radar as life got busy. Recently, though, I've found my way back into the Naruto fandom, and in my never ending quest for dark, gritty, realistic fic that deals with the harsh realities of being a ninja, I rediscovered Fallen Leaves and in turn discovered this amazing gem.

Seriously, I don't know how you guys do it. Everything it amazing.

So I basically binge-read this entire thing, then reread it, then reread it again. I'm pretty sure I've read each individual thread at least 3 times by now, and I'm still trying to figure out how to properly express my adoration.

Okay, big brother Kakashi + kid Naruto = AMAZING. Kakashi is SUCH a great older brother figure, and his care for Naruto is so genuine it kills my soul. I love how the fluffy moments are so sweet my teeth hurt, but then they're counterbalanced with soft moments that are so painful my stomach hurts. Case in point:

"Every now and then, Naruto sounded so much like Obito that listening to him was like being gently gutted."

TEARS EVERYWHERE. Also, "gently gutted" is one of the most amazing phrases I've ever come across.

So, fluffy moments? A++. But honestly, I (love love love love love love)^1000000000 the dark action scenes. Seriously, I could (and have) cried at how amazingly they're written. ANBU has so much potential that goes unexplored in canon, and there's no way that the ninja world is entirely sunshine, genin, dead bad guy, and inconsistently infuriatingly OP god-type Uchihas, so this is super refreshing. It's the type of dark that just punches you in the gut and takes no prisoners.

I think I've read Salt the Earth, like, 10 times already, and No Quiet Man's Descent is so heartwrenchingly raw. My hands down favorite lines from Salt the Earth:

"Kakashi slapped the man’s legs down before a frantic kick could connect, and set his kodachi blade to Tsuto’s throat. “Yondaime-sama has a message for you.”"

"“Shh,” Kakashi said, and twitched the blade, forcing the man to turn his head. “Just watch.” "

"Iebara cracked his neck. “This time, I’ll take your blood.”

Anything that took him away from the other two.

“Come and get it,” Kakashi said."

Just rereading them gives me the chills. I can't wait until (if this happens at all) Team 6 has to deal with the juxtaposition of their non-ANBU lives, like Kakashi with Naruto, Raidou with his parents, Genma with his dad, etc. and the fact that they're out there killing kids. We've seen hints of it already, but I'd love to see some actual confrontations with people they love who just don't understand and maybe don't want to.

This comment would not be complete without a massive shoutout to the most amazing character development and OOC development ever. Katsuko and Ryouma might as well be real; when I reread the manga, I sometimes look for them in any ANBU panels that show up. I love how you gave them backstories just as complicated as any canon character's with the same depth and care, maybe even better. I will never tire of Ryouma's sass and self-discovery, and Katsuko's everything just makes me GAH. She's amazing. I would almost say I want to marry her, but that might be a bad idea... Genma and Raidou too. I've had a fondness for them since they first showed up in the manga, but the life you've breathed into them is unreal. Asuma, perfect. Kurenai, amazing. I don't think I've seen enough of Hakone to make any statements about him yet, but suffice to say, he's got some great potential. Do words even need to be said about how much I adore Team Minato in this (I wish Kushina were still alive, tears)?

tl;dr: Basically, everything you guys do is amazing. Amazing writing, fantastic characters, a plot to die for, and not enough material to keep me satisfied until the next update. Seriously, though, you guys are great. Keep doing you, and just know that while you take time to perfect your craft and deliver the next awesome update, I'm sitting in the corner salivating like a starving dog for it.
[User Picture]From: [info]y_sanada
2015-12-14 03:03 pm (UTC)

All This and Heaven Too


It was nice to know that Hisa survived. I'm glad you thought to write about it. It must help Ryouma to know that ANBU does more than kill things. There is no good reason Raidou can't visit Hisa. He could use some good news as well. I love the Kakashi / Rin relationship. This universe is so much nicer for Kakashi even if he is still a paid killer.

Okay, I thought the whole idea of the ANBU masks was to hide your true identity. Introducing yourself and describing your mask kinda defeats that purpose doesn't it?
From: (Anonymous)
2016-02-27 03:05 pm (UTC)


Ahhh, this story just continues to blow me away! I adore the level of detail and character development you've all put into this, and every time there's an update I get excited like a kid at christmas. Thank you all for writing!
From: (Anonymous)
2016-03-25 07:44 am (UTC)


"Down to the Bone" aka Kuroda continues to be the Actual Worst. Cool to hear a little more about Sadayo!
[User Picture]From: [info]y_sanada
2016-04-17 11:56 pm (UTC)

Stay Strong Little Flowers


GM - I'm glad I had the privilege of meeting your characters. ANBU Legacy will not be the same without you.
From: (Anonymous)
2016-11-19 01:27 am (UTC)


I was so happy to see a new thread!!! Captain back and a new mission yayy! I loved the jutsu part, to see these two speculate about jutsu theory is always so so fun. Thank you all so much for writing these stories, can't wait for more!
From: [info]rochan01
2016-12-11 10:54 pm (UTC)


How delightful to see Ginta again!
Fallen Leaves had so thoroughly become my head-canon that it seemed sad to me that there was no Ginta, like some extra tragedy had happened offstage. But here he is, shiny as ever :-)
From: (Anonymous)
2017-01-01 12:16 am (UTC)


I was a really close follower of Fallen Leaves, but I haven't checked out this story until now...

....and I've been very late to bed every night this week from reading to catch up. It's soooo good! I just love the characterizations of everyone, and their interactions, and seeing them all slowly let down their guards and get to know each other and grow. I can't wait to find out what happens next because you've made me care so much about them. (Except... Kuroda. Kuroda's a shitweasel of the highest order. I also want to find out what happens next because I secretly hope something horrible happens to him. >.>) I'm also really interested to see how things develop now that Ginta's in the mix.

In short, it's awesome! Can't wait for more!
From: (Anonymous)
2017-01-01 09:11 am (UTC)



I was the previous anonymous comment. I posted it and then I woke up and there was an update! With a cliffhanger! OMG!

Now I really really can't wait to see what's next!
From: (Anonymous)
2017-01-01 11:21 am (UTC)


Oh! And - and - I really wanted to say, I just LOVE how Kakashi is so good with kids and has that hidden domestic side. I'm really looking forward to seeing more of that!
[User Picture]From: [info]y_sanada
2017-01-22 07:43 pm (UTC)

Soldiers Take Flight


Ryouma glanced sideways at Kakashi, about to ask if he had any idea what Genma was doing, and saw the eyepatch pushed up again and the Sharingan spinning.

"You ass," he hissed.

Kakashi leaned easily out of elbow-range. "Keep it down," he murmured, barely a whisper. "Sango-chan's listening."

Chakra poured away beneath Kakashi’s fingers, soaking into metal like blood into a sponge. It was a strange-feeling jutsu: earth and fire natures combining to manipulate something that wasn’t quite either. Microscopic holes tunneled through the grate, turning it brittle.

Genma worked two-handed. Beads of sweat rolled down his temples. Iron weakened under his touch. Slowly, slowly, they gained ground.

A shout echoed up the tunnel.

Splashing, chakra glimmers, more voices. Then the searing, ugly flare of Ryouma’s jutsu burning a hole in the world. Metal clashed. Someone screamed.

Kakashi slapped his hands on the next point. Genma kept moving, careful and meticulous. Metal fragments swirled away in the foul sludge. Four points left, then three. The jutsu sucked chakra like a fountain. Metal wasn’t like earth; it didn’t want to yield. They had to make it.

Ha Ryouma! Just like Genma said - sharing his jutsus for the sake of the village is okay! Kakashi isn't an asshole!
From: (Anonymous)
2017-02-02 03:16 am (UTC)


I just re-read and wanted to tell you all again how much I love your charas and how fun this story is.
This latest mission is really thrilling to read and I can't wait for more! (also yay for slaughter)
Thank you so much for sharing<3
From: (Anonymous)
2017-04-10 05:33 am (UTC)


I always look forward to reading ANBU Legacy and the newest thread Light Me Up) was no exception. It was a great bit of fun and if I tried to point out everything I liked about it I'd probably just have to write out the entire thing.

The one thing that really does stand out for me, not just in this thread but also in previous ones and even in Fallen Leaves, is how considerate Ryouma is toward Kakashi in regards to his mask. It's something that's extremely weird and Ryouma doesn't understand it but he doesn't have to. He knows Kakashi doesn't like people looking at his face and he respects that, even deliberately covering his when the mask is missing for whatever reason. So much love for that (and I honestly think it's that respect that made start shipping the two of them).
From: (Anonymous)
2017-06-29 04:19 pm (UTC)

Thank You So Much


I love the whole concept of shinobi villages with complex systems and branches, but I think the official Naruto series has many flaws. Personally, I think it focused too much on glorifying god-like chakra powerhouses and veered off into bizarre plot developments. Those can be written off as my personal taste in plots getting in the way of full appreciation of the manga/anime. But what cannot be simply written off is the abysmal treatment of female characters in the Naruto series.

I'm sorry that I have to criticise the original series in order to write this comment, but it's the only way for me to show how much your writing means to me. ANBU Legacy overcomes those shortcomings. Your Naruto universe pays attention to detailed actions in fight sequences instead of over-relying on inflated superpowers. I truly appreciate the witty dialogue, character-and-relationship development (e.g. Kakashi: from asshole teammate to tolerable asshole teammate; Raidou and Katsuko's sibling-like relationship; and so many more), and cast of characters diverse in the gender-and-sexual-orientation department.

Initially I intended to comment after I finished the second book, but one seemingly insignificant line pushed me over the edge and I couldn't wait any longer--you referred to Captain Seaweed as a "she". Even before that, it was obvious that ANBU Legacy has a great gender balance, but finding out that Captain Seaweed was female after I had assumed otherwise since the first book just broke me in a good way. I was surprised, and sad that I was even surprised in the first place. It's so important, and so heartwarming, to see tiny details like this, a fictional character in a cartoon (Captain Seaweed) IN ANOTHER CARTOON (Naruto), that remind us that our world is made up of so many other people who are emphatically (And perhaps some less emphatically? Please forgive my ignorance) not men. Books and movies regularly fail at giving us female and LGBT characters who are flawed, capable, weak and strong in different ways. Thank you so much to the ANBU Legacy authors for giving us/me these characters.
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