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Legacy Guestbook [May. 23rd, 2013|08:09 pm]
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From: (Anonymous)
2014-07-12 10:54 pm (UTC)

Such a sweet thread/chapter!


This was incredible. Kakashi's state of mind truly was marvelous to behold: when he's drugged up, he sure is rather dorky, or rather, adorkable. Even when high on medications, Kakashi is quite perceptive, though said high does slow down both his thoughts and reactions; also, it seems that his nose cannot be deceived, which is wonderful.
As he manages to still be snarky, and behaves more flakey (and cuddly) than usual, he must've been a sight to behold to the other members of Team Six. Katsuko is made of awesomeness, and Ryouma needs a hug - join the cuddle pile, as Katsuko might've put it.
I especially like the way this Kakashi-based thread starts and ends, with Obito watching over him in a drugged-up dream. Beautiful work.

As per usual, the writing was superb, with great descriptions and well-chosen words. Though I'm incredibly happy to have an entire thread dedicated to Kakashi's POV (- and I must admit that I like him the best, even though the other characters are nothing short of brilliant, too) it saddened me that there were no parts written by the others; it's understandable though, especially considering all of the Real-life Problems that like getting into the way of writing. (Hopefully, all will be well in days to come. My best wishes to Ki in particular!)

Anyways, there's more to love about this chapter: the importance of Kakashi's smell was portrayed exceedingly well. It is often overlooked just how important this particular sense is, and to have it put into a spotlight (because Kakashi is /known/ for having a great sense of smell) is something I enjoy reading about a lot. It was highly amusing~

Yup, I liked this thread, and now I'll be off to read it a second time (and perhaps a third). Thank you, sincerely, for having written this. You guys are godsend.