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Down to the Bone (PART 2 BC THIS IS 7800 characters omg)[Mar. 25th, 2016|09:15 pm]
(wrt Ryouma showing off his kanji reading skills) TBH, Kakashi being a good teacher is the most surprising thing about this. I think it has come up before... maybe it was in a different fanfic or some tumblr meta or something. Actually, on reflection, I'm pretty sure it was tumblr meta talking about him and Team 7. BUT, the point was that he was a genius that picked up things extraordinarily fast. So trying to explain them and break things down to teach others could be difficult. But it works so well and it just warms my heart and I want to hug EVERYONE in this party.

AND THE KURODA COMES BACK AND RUINS EVERYONE'S DAY. *rips out hair* UGGHHHH. HE IS THE WORST. lksdjflkasjd. I want to know why he was chosen. He's in Anbu. Is he one of Danzo's picks? Is he just better at hiding this around his superiors. He's just such an asshole it seems unbelievable that he's managed to get so far. UGH. ;___; Ryouma was so happy. He's doing so well and fucking Kuroda comes in to shit on everything everyone loves.

"The edited notes from your latest meeting are on your desk. I took the liberty of re-organizing some of them for you. I hope you don't mind." AHAHAHA SUCK IT. Holy hells, you have done an excellent job developing the awfulness that is Kuroda.

And dawwwwwww, Gemna trying to defend Ryouma. He's so wonderful and I just want to give him 10000 hugs. He is the best. He is actually the perfect lieutenant for this team and I just adore him and Ryouma working together. I'm pumped for Gemna+Ryouma times in the stack. It's going to be awesome.

And fuck. Kakashi drawing Kuroda out. Forcing him to give him work. God. "It sounded perfectly respectful, but Ryouma could think of at least three swear words Kakashi could fit into the same number of syllables." Kuroda isn't going to ever win any brownie point from Kakashi, at least after how Kuroda's handled his team.

And AHHHHH. MORE BACKSTORY! I've been wondering so much what's up with Katsuko's and Kakashi's families (I mean, obvs not Sakumo but...). There's been a handful of hints dropped and I've been dying to know more. I adore all the offers to kill people in this chapter. It's just so... *sigh* assassins, man.

"I set him free and send him off into the wide green world to roam where he pleases." -- I'd say Katsuko has the best dialogue but, somehow, they all have the best dialogue. So ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ "I'm sure the sociopaths are charming." -- Oh Kakashi.

Also, I have podfic'd the whole of the prologue! It's in the process of being edited but I'm hoping to actually post it soon ;___; I really really want to post it but it still needs some fixes and I have to re-record some lines and blah blah blah. And then I'm really thinking I'm going to just post the whole of what's included in the e-book prologue at the same time so I want to finish all of those threads even though Mama Come Home is basically done. I love this story so much! It's been a whole lot of fun recording. I have to say, I'm really looking forward to get to the main plot of the story. Not that I don't enjoy the oneshot preludes to the story. But once the Anbu Trials start up things just get so intense and I love it and then there is all the snark between e v e r y o n e. The whole team is just one sarcastic pile of adorable killers. It's going to be interesting getting through A Man Who Is Not Afraid without just melting down from too much blushing, lol. (*/ω\*)

WONDERFUL CHAPTER! There was too much failing and I barely made it through it. But I loved every second!

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