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What You Don't Know (Will Kill You)[Mar. 4th, 2016|12:02 pm]
So, I decided to semi-liveblog this one and so the comments a little longer since I actually pick out the pieces that killed me while reading this.

"He smiled, faintly smug. Other people’s teammates didn’t cause mass evacuations." THIS TOTALLY WOULD BE SOMETHING KAKASHI IS UNREASONABLY SMUG OVER, OH MY GOD. "Faintly smug," my ass. Pfffffttt.

Also, the repetition in the "you don’t know where your teammates are" was just wonderfully done and worked really well for me to show his anxiety.

And, oh my god. Poor Katsuko. Somehow, she became the responsible adult when her two minions are "Hatake ‘Ripped Out His Own Chakra System’ Kakashi" and Ryouma. :D That is a lovely moniker for Kakashi. Poor Katsuko. XD And just, I really appreciate here how careful Katsuko is with her teammates. "A shinobi who lost her team’s trust wasn’t worthy of her rank." <3 She is a blessing. Plus she knows exactly how to get into Kakashi's good graces - training. Plus, "alarming sponge" is a nickname that I want to see happen for Kakashi. It's really only used as a descriptor here but it's beautiful.

And just -- I've been waiting so long for Teacher!Katsuko and this does not disappoint. TBH, I just adore stories about training to become better, especially when featuring excellent students like Kakashi :D It's something that when it works well, then works really well for me in particular. So I've just been SO PUMPED for both this and Ryouma training to be a healer. DLSKFJLSDKJ. I'M SO HAPPY TO SEE THIS START!

Plus, what a lovely end to the chapter: "Still laughing softly, she crossed her legs and sat down next to him, watching the sky fill with distant lights, until Kakashi allowed her to haul him up and help him stagger back home." It's just-- they both had rough days. Kakashi since he's laid up and his anxiety is going crazy because he can't sense his team and therefore he can't look out for them. And Katsuko because fucking Kuroda.

(On the subject of fucking Kuroda, I am curious whether the "wispy beard assistant" is going to be featuring a bigger role and who he is. He could just be a minion that's way nicer than Kuroda, or... HRMMMMM.)

But, just, the end shows why they are making such a good team together. They both have shit days, and they both work together to end it on that note. And just-- <3 I LOVE THIS TEAM SO MUCH! SO MANY FEELS :D

Just the perfect balance of angst and struggle melded with healing. <3 <3
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