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Playing Catch Up![Apr. 25th, 2015|06:02 pm]

I've done a little binge-reading of what I missed during the semester and wanted to drop a few thoughts while I have 'em in my brain.

Firstly: I do so adore Kurenai. I believe we were in Kakashi’s POV and he dedscribed her as, “not the knife, but the twist,” and that was just so incredibly telling of her character. I love her history with Kakashi and that little bits of that old anger seeped out the edges. I also loved that we got to see a good portion of Kakashi and Ryouma's conversation through her eyes; it added some really fascinating commentary on their characters we wouldn't have gotten from their POV.

Raidou’s moms and home life? So genuine and lovely. The glimpses into his home added so much depth to his character and to the world-building as a whole. That entire thread was one surprise after another. You had me utterly convinced that Raidou's journey into Shibata's office was going to be gloomy and uncomfortable, but then: comfy chairs and tea. Everything i learned about Shibata in that thread was unexpected, and that is so absolutely in character for him. I really have to hand it to you for keeping all those pieces of conversation in tact. My head was spinning trying to keep up with Shibata, and through that you still showcased Shibata's incredible capacity for controlling a situation. It was awesome.

One thing I need to slip in is how wonderfully you guys have rooted these characters into the world. These off-mission threads that give me little glimpses into the lives of the characters and where they came from make the world feel so tangible. You've given these characters such rich life outside their missions and ANBU masks and that takes some serious thought and dedication.

Thank you guys so much for sharing your awesome writing! <3

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