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One of Those Lives (Get Used to It) / Sound the Bells[Jan. 8th, 2015|07:12 pm]

One of Those Lives (Get Used to It)

Teeeeeeeam. I love this team. I love who sweet and sort of dreadful the kids are together.

You know what? High Kakashi never gets old.

But what I really want to say, and I know I've said it before, is that I adore how much Katsuko, Ryouma and Kakashi group up together as a teeny tiny unit within their team hierarchy. Vs their two grouchy dads.

Kakashi wanting flowery scrubs!

I also love love love that the kids have their own complicated relationships within their own little group, and that each friendship is unique.

And Kakashi and Rin, and Rin getting to see that Kakashi really is managing to make his own important connections and friendships. <3

Sound the Bells

It was really fun to see Kurenai in this universe! And the fact that she has a pre-existing relationship with Rin and Katsuko, so is coming at the situation from a completely different angle.

Riei was extolling the rumored aesthetic virtues of Team Six's first rookie, Tousaki Ryouma, who was reportedly illiterate but would occasionally and helpfully bend over to pick up dropped pencils.

It's interesting to see how Kurenai deals with her sympathy for the situation but coming at it as a debriefer.

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